Print My List

Developed in conjunction with Pocket Your Dollars, the Print My List plugin for WordPress allows your users to select items (via checkboxes) from a blog post or page and print a customized shopping list.


  • Simple – just one shortcode per post ([pml] [/pml] ) enables an unlimited number of items to be selected for printing — the plugin does all the work!
  • Flexible – The shipping plugin will have a simple, but powerful way for you to determine what is selectable and what is not (more details coming soon).
  • Affordable – The hours saved will pay for the plugin many times over.
  • Bankable – Run ads on your print page to generate extra revenue.
  • Green –  A 2 column layout and non-printing ads saves your readers ink and paper.


Print My List PRO will be available for purchase from PluginRefinery in October 2013.


(click to enlarge)


Note: ThoughtRefinery and joined forces in October 2014 to better serve our mutual clients.